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A collection of videos that display the work of Decoupage Film.

Maravilla Estates

Maravilla is an oasis set against the foothills of the beautiful San Jacinto Mountains in sunny Southern California.  This active adults-only community offers a high-end living experience at an entry-level price.

Delivering the Future

With a simple twist of the wrist, you turn on your tap and cool, clear, drinkable water gushes forth.  This, more than almost anything else, makes you one of the most fortunate people in human history.   

But is this abundance endless?  

The Real Transformers

An overview of the exciting, transformative CAPS after-school program making important headway in the lives of K-12 schoolchildren in San Bernardino California. 

After School - Showcase Highlights

A presentation of San Bernardino City Unified School District. The production was the second annual high school after school showcase under the auspices of Christina Hale-Nardi director of CAPS After School Program.

PSA, San Bernardino School District)

A Public Service Announcement to encourage students to stay in schools.

Alec Loors:

Inspiring Youth to Lead the Way

A young teenager galvanizes and leads his peers to promote crucial sustainability innovations in their schools and communities through “i Matter” action teams and exciting, innovate projects.

Taking the Lead in Energy Savings 

A project of Every Watt Matters

Deal Dynamix System

The fascinating method of real estate development created by Bobby Close, a self-made multi-millionaire who shares the unique insights and tips that made him an American success story. 

Choose to Change

A project of San Bernardino CAPS.

The Time is Now (2007)

The Green Valley Initiative, a project of the Green Institute for Village Empowerment (G.I.V.E.).
The Inland Empire is the focus of this Green Valley initiative where innovate green technologies and sustainable solutions are being implemented, creating surprising benefits in unexpected areas.

A Conversation with David Goodstein (2008)

A co production of KVCR and the Green Institute for Village Empowerment (GIVE).
Directed and edited by Shapour Daneshmand.

Ambassadors Episode One



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