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The Studio

Studio Renting at its Best

Our studio is one of the most professional facilities east of Los Angeles.  Our studio boasts a giant 30' X 40' pre-lit white corner Cyc, a 25’ X25' pre-lit green corner Cyc, a 13' ceiling, and a 14' X 14' rollup door. This exceeds the needs of most indie filmmakers and video projects.  

With ample on-site parking, plus kitchen, bathroom with changing area and shower, professional make-up mirror, nearby shops and restaurants in charming old Pomona—including caterers and great delivery—you’ll want for nothing.

And with all the equipment we have in-house, all you need to bring is your talent!  (In fact, we can provide a lot of that, too!)  

We have a lot of extras you can rent as well; ask about our RED 4K cameras and lenses, lighting and grip equipment, including 13-Foot Straight & Curved Micro Dolly System, 16- and 29-Foot Jibs and Dana Dolly Slider.  You can also rent our 5000 Lumen Projector with 16’ X 9’ Screen and Editing Bay with IMAC and MacPro).

With the fastest available internet access—which we provide to you free of charge—you’ll be able to upload your dailies fast and reliably. 


Even though we are 35 miles from Hollywood, we are legally inside the ‘zone’.

(You can see the zoning info (3rd paragraph) at

Because we are professional filmmakers ourselves and the number one client of our own studio, we want to make sure your experience here will be as seamless and successful as it is for us. Hope to see you here soon, crafting your trade and fulfilling your vision!

Lighting & Grip


Throw us an email or give us a call and we’ll give you a list of the equipment we have to suit your production.  
Once we know what you’ll need,  we’ll give you a tailored quote and have the equipment ready for you (whether we own it or we acquire it).

The Experience


We've been there.  Where we had to shoot fast, with very little time to explore the studio we had to shoot in.   Here at our studio we'll make sure that all the information we provide is 100% accurate so when you arrive, you'll love the experience.



Because we understand filmmakers’ passion to tell their stories, no matter what, and because we love to help great films get made, we want to accommodate everyone.
We'll make sure any size production and budget gets a chance to film in our facility.  All you need to do is make a phone call. 

Let’s make it happen!
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